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Meet The Team


Chris is the founder of Bee Mission. He has always loved bees and feels passionate about helping to save our local bee population. Chris is also responsible for getting a team together in 2019 to cook and deliver food to the homeless community in Bournemouth.


Amy came on board in 2019 to volunteer to help cook and distribute the food. She is our mission project director, overseeing new initiatives and pushing the project forwards to make it a reality.


Serge has always been passionate about bees, he has his own hives and started to train to become a beekeeper in 2012. Serge is now looking after our hives and is a busy bee looking for new beekeepers to join our team. 

Charli, Reuben, Donna, Andrea, Jamie and Jerry

This is our fantastic team of volunteers who help with food distribution to the homeless in Bournemouth. They help with dishing up the food, driving the van and the all important cleaning up after the cooking!