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We're on a mission and we'd love you to join us!

At Bee Mission we are passionate about helping bees and creating opportunities for local homeless people. Our aim for the year ahead is to build and install 500 beehives across Dorset and Hampshire, and to continue to cook and provide meals for the homeless in Bournemouth, which we've been doing since 2019. In addition, Bee Mission will create opportunities for homeless people to be involved in our community interest company, learning new skills that will help them progress in life. If you'd like to support our mission we'd love to hear from you.

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Bees are some of the worlds most marvellous and important little creatures. Honey bees are one of the chief pollinators and important in the production of fruit and vegetables, as well as the reproduction of plants. Bees collect food by flying to areas with lots of flowers, and flying from flower to flower harvesting nectar and pollen.

More than ever before we need to recognise the importance of bees to nature and to our lives. It’s no secret that Britain’s bees are in trouble. Honey bees are disappearing at an alarming rate due to pesticides, parasites, disease and habitat loss. Visit our get involved page if you wish to join the bee mission or contact us for more information.
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I was kindly given a jar of bee mission honey and a jar of chutney. It was very smartly packaged as a gift and I was very surprised how delicious they both were. So delighted I have ordered a few more.

Maria M - Parkstone

Received a jar of bee mission honey as a Christmas gift, and i must say the honey is very tasty indeed. In fact it is as good as the French honey i love. The labelling is very professionally done too.  

Robert M - Parkstone

I received this gift for Christmas! The package was beautiful with the small homely details and branding. I was looking forward to opening the chutney and I wasn’t disappointed,it was zingy and sweet to taste with small chunks of apples, absolutely brilliant with cheese and crackers! I would highly recommend this chutney and cannot wait for my next jar. It also came with a jar of natural honey which is just as delicious. I add this to hot water and lemon in the mornings and it’s also great on toast.

Charli C - Bournemouth

I love this honey I used in my coffee because it's nice and sweet but not too sweet like sugar. Plus it's much healthier for you!

Simon H - Ashley Cross

I received this as a gift for Christmas as part of a hamper. I don’t usually like honey however, adding this to my cereal every morning it has been delicious. My husband also received the chutney which he found very rich and sweet which complemented his cheese. I would definitely purchase this again as the packaging was very pretty and 100% recyclable.

Linda W - Broadstone

I have used two of the Bee Mission products - the Honey and the Honey & Apple Chutney. The honey is the perfect accompaniment to the chutney and the two combine perfectly. I love the simple but effective packaging and it’s great to enjoy locally made produce that also helps benefit our community.

Jerry M, Dorset

Just had to say the honey is AMAZING, we always like to get local honey for the health benefits and this is such a great initiative. Packaging is lovely too! Will be buying more!

Joelle, Torquay

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